Finishing Second Year

So, this time tomorrow I will have finished second year! AHH that’s so scary! I don’t know how to react to this fact. Part of me wants to be happy because I am two-thirds of the way through completing my degree but then part of me doesn’t want to be in third year because then it’s nearly over!

Even though I get stressed and panic when I have assessments to do, Uni is so amazing. I have gained so much over the past two years and the thought of that nearly being over is so scary. I have been thinking about how much has changed in two years and I can honestly say despite the mix of emotions that has come with second year I have loved it!

As soon as Uni is over you are getting closer to having to make a decision to that question. “So, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” Often people don’t know what they want to do. I am in the situation where I want to do too much. I have never liked making decisions and I don’t like thinking that if I make a decision that will be it and it will be too hard to change.

That is why even though next year will be stressful I am determined to enjoy Uni life for the last year. Before I have to make any decisions and real life has to start!

“Make the most of everyday¬†because before we know it, it will be over!”


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