Moving Home For Summer

Uni is over for summer… Friends are slowly starting to move out… What do I do? I’m not ready to leave yet!

A lot of students have the same problem when it comes to summer – you start moving out of halls, leaving your uni friends for the majority of the summer which could be up to four months and it’s surprising how quickly this year has gone by!

When you’re deciding on travelling home for summer, don’t forget that new friends means new places to travel – it gives you excuses to go and travel all over the country to go and see people which is great instead of sitting around bored!

If you go home though, you might decide to get a job – as good as the money will be, don’t forget to take some time off for yourself because uni can be quite mentally exhausting especially during exam/submission time so you don’t want to suffer from burnout before September comes!

Also if you’re bored over summer, see if there are any opportunities to volunteer – it’s good experience and can be something to keep you busy too!

Have fun and enjoy the sun!

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