Hi guys,

It’s very quickly becoming the end of a lot of things.

I’ve finished my course, like it’s completely done. Goodbye seminars, lectures and dissertation and hello the waiting game. I’m not a worrier until the day of my results so I’m not going to stress until then, what will be, will be and all.

It’s weird that I’m finishing as you are probably starting. Exams are right around the corner and it’s now the time to get your head done and study like mad to get the grades you need for EHU. Planning is crucial for busy exam periods. Post-it-notes, spider-grams and colour coding does make a difference if that’s the type of learner you are. Films, short documentaries and YouTube clips are also good, I mean we all remember the Pythagoras song from maths, don’t we? Revision group sessions are also extremely helpful to bonus ideas off one another, but if you’re going to get distracted it’s probably not the best route.

KEY TIP: You MUST have some down time. There is literally no point in burning out before and exam. Obviously the lead up to an exam you should be putting more hours in, but 24/7 is not the way to go. Balance your schedule with chill time (go see friends, watch your favourite tv show, sleep) and revision time (create a timetable if that helps).

Don’t panic, take your time and please remember that it’s not all about the grade you get. YOU ARE NOT A GRADE!


Until next time…



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