Homeward Bound

I am writing this post as I sit waiting for my parents to get up here so we can pack all my things in the car and take the 4 hour journey home. It’s weird that second year is over, I still have an essay due on Monday that I have barely started so that’s brilliant but for the most part UNI is over for another year.

This semester at UNI has been by far the quickest because there hasn’t been very much time to stop, I have always had work to do and the days seem to have slipped away. Summer however is a different story, I don’t have very much planned and I will have no work to do.

I am aiming to get a job this summer, partly for the CV, partly for the money but also for the boredom, summers at UNI aren’t the same as they are at school, they are longer and you don’t feel like stopping for weeks and letting brain cells die. It’s also a good time to think about how you can use your time to best suit you when you have left UNI.

UNI ends and then it’s just Life, unless you are doing a Masters. Life Begins, and you need to be prepared for it, sure having a degree can help but you can’t wait until September to get on with things, there are no more terms, things start and don’t stop. So getting stuff done in the summers at UNI should make that transition a little bit easier.

This weeks song is “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots, a new discovery for me from one of my new favourite bands.

Until Next Time 🙂

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