Eating places in Ormskirk probably hasn’t crossed your mind, as it is not something that’s going to make or break your decision of choosing Edge Hill. However it is something you may want to bear in mind as it is worth knowing!

Basically there are loads of places to eat, whatever you fancy i.e. Chinese, Pizza, Indian and even Turkish! TripAdvisor is amazing and is basically a food bible of where to go that’s good (apparently there’s 101 places to look at!) and is value for money…. as that is exactly what you want being a student!

Personally my favourite cheap and cheerful place to go is Wetherspoons in the town centre, if you’ve never been then go- you won’t be disappointed! Cheap food, drinks and a fab atmosphere, the beer garden upstairs is lush in summer too!

If you’re on campus first year and fancy a mooch about the campus, the Hub is a great place to grab a bite to eat (the chicken nuggets served at night are divine!), as if the SU which serves delicious and relatively cheap food too! The SU was redecorated for the current academic year so is looking very sophisticated and has a takeaway attached to it if you fancy having a film night.

Basically you’re not going to go hungry- worst case if you’re not feeling the urge to cook you can go to your kitchen and have a pot noodle #studentlife!

Good luck!

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