2 days to make your firm and insurance choices!

As I’m sure you are all aware (but I thought I would just throw out a little reminder) firm and insurance decisions about which university you wish to attend need to be made by the 4th of May in two days time. This can be a really tough decision so I thought I would share some tips about how I chose which university was right for me, just incase you still haven’t decided!

– Make a pros and cons list – literally write it out so you can see it all out in front of you. Consider everything about the courses, for example which one has the modules you’re really excited for or do they offer industry placements or the opportunity to study abroad? Consider the amount of students they accept onto the course, what the facilities are like and what the learning style is like. This can all help you work out which place is right for you.

– Consider the distance. Originally I really didn’t want to go to university far away from home, but now I’ve done it, it was honestly the best experience for me. It forced me to get involved in everything I could, and make loads of new friends because I couldn’t go home often. I did get quite home sick in the beginning but that’s normal and I think it’s really helped me grow in confidence and independence.

– Also think about the local area, what you can get involved with in your spare time, which university is going to give you personally the best all round experience and what do you wish to gain out of them? What societies exist, what are the sports facilities like? These things will all count to your university experience so going somewhere you know you can get involved with lots will really make a difference.

– Think about what your gut instinct tells you, league tables and stats can only do so much. I knew as soon as I arrived on the Edge Hill campus it was the right university for me, I felt at home immediately and knew it had everything I wanted from a university. You too will probably get that feeling, so don’t listen to your parents or be persuaded by friends, just go with what feels right for you.

To find out more about how to make the firm and insurance choice check out the UCAS WEBSITE.


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