The Step Up

So one thing I found changed for me when I started uni was the assignments. Everyone warned me that the jump was going to be hard but I never imagined it would be as hard as it was. Assessments get longer, he content gets harder and you’ve always got something to do!

However, I found that after I had completed my first assignment and had feedback on it I had a better understanding of what I needed to do. The first year of Uni is designed to be a test year where you can get used to the degree and the environment. I was lucky in the sense that my Sixth Form was similar to Uni as you turned up for your lessons and then could leave whenever you were finished. However, a lot of my friends were at Sixth Form which required them to be there all day. I find this doesn’t prepare you for Uni very well as Uni attempts to make you very independent. There isn’t going to be someone telling you when your assignments are due or what you should be doing for them, you will need to find this out yourself. However, the tutors will help you if you need it as long as you have put some effort in too!

One thing I find useful at Uni is organisation. Uni is the sort of place where if you’re not on top of everything you have to do it can end up getting too much for you and you will become stressed. I naturally stress quite a lot anyway and so organisation is something I use to help cope with this. I find if you know when your assessments are due at the start and what you need to do for them you can manage your time throughout the term rather than having to do all nighters in the library the day before!

When it comes to assignments make sure you read the briefing and the assignment criteria with the learning objectives. This is what you will be marked on and so you could write a brilliant, academically sound report but if you haven’t adhered to the criteria then you will most likely fail.

The step up is big and I don’t intend on putting you off I just want to make sure you are prepared. At the end of the day if a degree was easy then everyone would have one and they wouldn’t be worth having! Put the work in and you’ll be fine.

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