Technology at Uni

Okay, so at uni there is the Library and the Linc Building which have plenty of computers for you to access throughout the day/night. However in halls, do not underestimate how much you will benefit from technology i.e. a laptop, as I’m sure some nights getting out of bed to access a computer is a no go! So if you have a birthday coming up or you’re working I would highly recommend that you save up for a good laptop (if you don’t have one or it’s on its last legs!) as it’ll be the best thing you ever do!

Most assignments will require you to use a computer, therefore it is essential that you have a good laptop that you can rely on throughout uni! I also can’t emphasize enough how important it is to back up your work, either online or a memory pen (be careful as a USB is NOT indestructible!) I know my friends have had instances where their laptop has broken and they have lost their work, and believe me using this excuse to ask for an extension for work does not go down well!


Also with technology on the rise in all aspects of life, courses will keep you up to date with the newest advances where appropriate. So as I am doing teaching, my course sometimes covers the use of apps/websites that are currently available to enhance learning in the classroom. Having this knowledge gives us future teachers an advantage in the classroom and lets us keep up-to-date with the best ways to teach and interact with the pupils.

So all I can say for now is make sure you’re technology ready for September- you won’t regret it… and who can’t say they love a new gadget!


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