Last week of year one

Hi everyone,

I can’t quite believe how quick my first year of being a law student has gone. I have officially one more day left as a first year, its so exciting! So Friday is my last day of lectures then I’m off for two weeks before my exams start, although one of these weeks is being spent in Brussels on a university trip.

It’s quite scary to think that 6 months time I will be going into my second year when my degree is really going to start getting harder then. As you may or may not already know, the first year doesn’t actually count towards your degree it is a formative year where you basically get into the swing of university life. But second year actually counts towards your final score for your overall degree mark, which makes me slightly anxious but I’m sure that after this well needed summer break I will be looking forward to coming back and getting stuck into lectures and seminars again.

I submitted my second year module choices a couple of weeks ago too which was quite daunting! I really don’t feel old enough to be half way through a degree, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago when I was waiting for my a-level results – its crazy how quick time goes!

Everyone knows that time goes faster anyway when your having fun and that’s what this year has been like for me. I’ve loved every minute of it and I’m quite sad that most of my modules are now finished. I’ve really enjoyed some of the modules I have studied this year. Tort law and public law have been particularly interesting and I hope there are other modules in my second and third year that will hopefully be just as interesting to learn about. I always think that if you enjoy what you’re learning then it doesn’t really feel like your having to ¬†learn anything.

Best wishes to anyone reading this with upcoming exams, I wish you all the luck in the world!

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