Personal Tutor System

Sometime the thought of coming to university, studying a subject you may have never read before, moving away from home and having a totally new acedemic routine can seem a little bit daunting, and can take quite some getting used to. I think when I started university I was really worried about being thrown in at the deep end, and having no one to talk to if I was struggling, but *thankfully* this really wasn’t the case at all!
I have found over these three years of study at Edge Hill, that it is a university extremely committed to giving a high quality of support and guidance for its students, which is probably why we have won the university regularly ranks highly in student satisfaction surveys.

A personal tutor is basically in a nut shell someone from your department, usually a lecturer on your specific course, which you will have regular contact with to ensure your personal development and acedemic goals are being reached. Not only this but its really great to have that contact with someone that you can go to for any worries you may have wether that be to do with the course or more personal issues.

I think this system is really beneficial as sometime sitting in a big lecture theatre can be a bit daunting and you can’t always ask the questions you want to ask, and more so sometimes if you are on a particularly big programme the lecturer might not even know you by name, so its really great to have someone who knows you personally and your goals and ambitions that can push you to get the very best grades you can. This personal tutor also stays with you for the full 3 years at university so they can really get to know you well through regular meetings over the 3 years. Overall I think it has been really helpful over my time at university and its nice to know this system is in place and that you have someone to turn to if you have any worries or concerns at university!


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