Exams and Coursework!

So for all you A-Level students exams are not long away and unfortunately at Uni you may not escape this lovely past time! However some courses, like the Primary Education and Early Years course do not involve exams- just coursework, so you may be in luck!

However some courses (including mine) have both exams and coursework, for me this is a great combination as it does not solely rely on exams which as we all know provokes some major stress!

Plus with coursework your feedback from your tutors allows you to improve in your next assignments as some of the topics you study will overlap over the three years. So having this information to know where to improve next time is great as by using this information you can easily attain a higher mark.

Coursework  may not always be just essays as they may take other forms, for example for my course I have had to create an academic poster and a presentation/powerpoint that I have presented to my peers and tutor. For you that have not done many presentations before or you get nervous about presenting… honestly it is nerve-wracking! But practice makes perfect and the more you do it the more you become accustomed to it.

So definitely check how you’re assessed on your course so you’re prepared in September for whatever comes your way!

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