What’s Developing on Campus?

As a student at Edge Hill for the last 3 years, I can honestly say I’ve never been in an environment that has changed so much so quickly in all my life. In these three short years so much development has gone on in and around the campus, and it really nice to see that the campus is constantly being invested in and being improved and expanded for the students. Since I started the campus has grown so much with the development of Creative Edge, Sport and Chancellors South and Palatine Court, and the future holds a lot more developments to come which I thought I would share briefly in this post!

The Technology Hub
At present the computing students are bunched in with the media students in Creative Edge. However, the university has just been given the green light to develop a new £13million technology hub to be home to the University’s Department of Computing and will provide classrooms, offices and a new lecture theatre. This will be absolutely fantastic for our vast array of computing degrees and will give the student even more space and opportunities to get the very most out of their computing degree while also giving the media department more space! Having this kind of space really does make a difference to the university experience, as I feel that the different departments have different buzzes and vibes about them, which make them unique and creates excitement and enthusiasm around the specialisms something in particular I have found with the media department.


As you would expect, Edge Hill are constantly developing new blocks of Halls to keep up with the vast amount of applicants applying to the university and hoping to stay on campus! The new Halls of Residences will provide 168 new single-study en-suite bedrooms, bringing the total number of students that can live on campus to 2,259. These Halls should be very similar to the likes of Palatine Court!

Both theses developments are currently underway and due to be complete for the start of the 2016/17 academic year in September, so should be ready for anyone hoping to start this year!


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