Eggcellent ways to spend the easter break

Hello everyone

Please forgive the overused easter pun in the title. It’s the only time of year I can use it 😛

So it’s that time of year again, its easter. That time of year where we can scoff our faces with chocolate and just enjoy that little time us student have to take a breather from the work and just… relax. Well, we can try.

I myself have decided to stay on campus due to work responsibilities in ormskirk and yes, it is a ghost town. Its eery and to be quite frank I don’t like it. I feel like there is nothing to do. Because of this I have decided to take some time off work and study to think of some fun things to do to get back to reality. Enjoy my suggestions.

My first suggestion would be to go round liverpool. They have an array of stunning museums and architecture to view and if you feel like your instagram is getting old of selfies and drunken escapades, why not take some fantastic shots of the city. The great thing about liverpool is the rich history it holds. Theres the history of the titanic, the history of the beatles (why not check the cavern club) and of course a number of pubs and clubs which are a perfect way to relax over the bank holiday weekend.

My second suggestion would be Southport. Have you ever been? The beach in all fairness is nothing compared to the Maldives but it is a lovely place perfect for fish and chips and great for a walk down the promenade. If the weathers nice, why not have an ice cream!!

My third and final suggestion would be to relax at the gym. I have discussed the revamp of the university gym in a previous blog however I can’t stress enough how excellent it is. There is access to a swimming pool, sauna and all the high-tech equipment you could ask for. Considering we have the time off lectures, seminars and work shops, there is sometimes nothing better than going to the gym and just sweating it out. Enjoy guys.

J. x

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