Money Matters!

Budgeting is definitely a life skill that we all would benefit from having! Thankfully one of the skills that uni teaches you is the ability to manage your money…. or at least there’s an opportunity to learn anyway!

By this I mean that it is all well and good coming to uni with the best intentions; to study and not spend an excess of money of food, going out… basically everything that’s unnecessary! However it is easy to get sucked into the lifestyle of eating rubbish (take-aways!) and going out, especially when you get your big lump sum of money from student finance!

So my advice is to work out much money you will have left from each term’s payout and split this into how many weeks you need to make this money last by! Hopefully you’ll have enough to see you through- and if not you can make the necessary precautions before you come to uni so you don’t have to worry about money. I did this before I came to uni and set up a direct debit to my current account from my student bank account so I knew how much money I had a week- sort of like giving myself an allowance!

I would definitely advise you open a student bank account, there’s lots of information via this link which advises which account is better depending on what your needs are.

Finally, remember to apply for your student finance, you can make an account here– this will guide you through what you need to apply.

Good luck guys- have a lovely Easter!

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