Easter is here!

So this week is the first week of the Easter holidays, and for you lucky people probably the start of some serious revision! After a full term at uni, I think everybody looks forward to going home for the Christmas/Easter breaks. It is lovely to come home and enjoy home comforts also if you’re lucky enough you can save a bit of money!

You’ll enjoy the change of being home with a whole new routine, that unfortunately still includes revision and assignments – there’s no rest for the wicked! The best part about coming home if definitely seeing family and friends, this term of two months leaves a lot of things to catch up on!

However living back with parents can be a difficult one, obviously everyone’s relationship with their parents/guardians or household will be different. Going back home can be a strange one because you’ve not as much freedom as you have when at uni, making your own meals, shopping, going out!

Talking to my friends about their experiences of going back home varies a lot! I’d suggest that if you do struggle with the change of going back home that you talk to the people in your household and you establish some new ground rules that work for everyone!

Easter also means that the year is also over – so that’s a good and bad thing! This is because it means summer is nearly here (yay- holidays!) but it also means exams are soon!

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