Now, for your first year you’ll probably be living on campus, however in second/third year you leave halls and move to a house in Ormskirk. So as I am in second year I currently live in Ormskirk town centre. As much as I genuinely love living in Ormskirk occasionally I do miss living on campus!

Whilst you live on campus you’ll find yourself interacting with the uni more so than you would in second year. What I mean by that basically is that it’s so much more convenient to pop down to the SU, go to the library and HUB, not like you’ll never go- but it’s much easier in first year! So I would really push you to make the most and enjoy the everything that goes on at uni! So for example this week there loads of stalls in the hub on Thursday, there was even a mini petting zoo! Things like this shouldn’t be missed out on!

Now in second year you’ll find yourself tapping into Ormskirk a bit more, as now it’s easier to go to the pubs/clubs in the town than it is from uni. Seen as Ormskirk is a market town, there is a market in the town centre on Thursdays and Saturdays. This is great if you need any cheap bits and bats or for a general browse… the¬†food is definitely the most tempting!

Basically just make the most of everyday you have at uni, because even though three years sounds like a long time- it goes soooo quickly! You’ll have graduated before you know it!

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