Hey guys,

How are we all, good? Good.

Well, when you come to EHU you’re not just there for your course and grades. University is about building you as a person and helping shape who you want to be in life (cringe). This ‘shaping’ comes in many forms, from the friends you make, to societies you join, places you live and of course places you visit… aka, LIVERPOOL.

Liverpool is my local city, so I’m going to try (and fail) to not be so bias towards it… but seriously it’s absolutely amazing. From EHU you can either get the train or bus to the city and in this blog I’m going to take you through a load of things to do.

Liverpool is home to the Grand National, which is perhaps the most famous horse race in the world? I dunno, but everyone knows it so we’ll say it is. So if you’ve got a few bob to spend, why not make a day of it. The city centre holds beautiful architecture such as Liverpool’s Cathedral, the central library and Radio City 96.7.

This is hard to say coming from a massive United fan, but Liverpool is also home to two big-ish premier league football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. Both clubs provide stadium tours, holding museums and food venues.

Museums? Well if you’re like my mum and love museums, Liverpool is the place for you! The Maritime museum holds fantastic exhibits, which is surrounded by the slavery museum and Liverpool’s iconic docks along the river front. If you’re a Beatles fan you have to do the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, it’s such a good laugh and a proper trip done memory lane- you also can see John Lennon’s house, wow.

Liverpool also provides hundreds of top shops, Liverpool One, Matthew Street, the docks, markets, fantastic restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres, all year round events, music locations (including the echo arena)… the list is endless. So yeah, you’ll love it! Have fun exploring, it’s an amazing city- without trying to sound biased.

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