The Jump from A-Levels!

So you’re probably excited to come to uni for a variety of reasons, like having freedom to dictate what you do and when, and obviously the course! Hopefully the course is the main reason you’ve chosen to come to uni, but you’re probably wondering what to expect and how it’s different from A-Levels.

I can gage whats different from A-Levels at Degree level from my own experiences and from my friends/colleagues etc. So basically, the course you decide on will be a lot more focused than A-Level, as at college it is a case of only learning what’s needed to pass an exam.

Now at uni, some courses don’t even have exams (I’d recommend finding out whether your course does or not- it is worth knowing!!) and the uni also dictates what is included in each course, meaning that the content is normally is very useful. I found that this has made uni a lot more interesting compared to college as I know what I learn actually can be implemented and used in real life.

You will probably have less contact time at uni than you did at college (not always the case depending on the course and your college!) as there is a lot of time that is needed for independent study. This is the time where you go over lectures etc and look into them in more detail, as uni is meant to be harder so more effort is needed on your behalf!

So a lecture basically forms the basis of your learning, here a tutor will lead a presentation go over concepts and topics that are necessary for the specific module. Some of your lectures may be held in lecture theatres, which may be a new for students who have never experienced them before, they look like this:


So I hope you find yourself in a lecture theatre soon! Feel free to ask any questions you might have!


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