The Careers Centre

Hi everyone, in this blog I am going to discuss the work of the careers services available to students at Edge Hill. The team are situated in the Student Information Centre – this is the building you will go to if you have any queries. Here you can speak to a member of staff about careers, learning difficulties, disabilities etc.

The careers service is really useful. They can offer advice regarding your CV and they do frequent drop in sessions where you can attend a meeting in a small group and have your CV looked at. Sessions like this are invaluable because from time to time everyone’s CV needs an update, particularly if you’re looking for a new job.

The careers service also has a fantastic website that lists loads of jobs for current students and graduates. There are also volunteering opportunities posted on the website too. Having a job alongside your studies can be challenging especially if your course has lots of contact hours each week. But volunteering could be a good way to add new experiences to your CV and you may only need to dedicate a couple of hours each week.

The link to the website is here: You may not be able to view any of the current vacancies until you are a student here as it tends to ask for your student ID number. I just thought I would draw your attention to the work of the careers service as it’s something I use a lot and I know prospective students may also want to know about this prior to starting at Edge Hill in September.

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