The Things You Don’t Think About…

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t give a second thought as to my doctors/dentist situation before coming to uni! The first time I thought about this was when it was mentioned at freshers’ fair during the first week!

At the freshers’ fair there are stalls of local doctors and dentists in Ormskirk which offer more information on signing up. I highly recommend that you do this as you’ll be at uni for around 9 months and unfortunately there’s a high chance you’re going to get ill – especially with freshers’ flu knocking about!

I was ill quite a bit during my first year, I didn’t have the best luck! I would suggest that you visit your doctors before you come to university, they may suggest getting a meningitis jab, something worth thinking about it to stay on the safe side.

Anyway as a heads up I can tell you what’s available at Edge Hill/Ormskirk, the best facility I’ve found is the walk-in centre at the hospital. It is literally a 5-minute walk from the back entrance at uni, not far at all! You don’t need to be signed to a GP either to visit which is great if you’ve forgotten or haven’t got round to it! Here’s a link for more information in regarding what they treat at the walk-in.

The Uni also offers a health and wellbeing service at Milton House, which again is about a 2 minute walk from the uni’s back entrance! The Student Wellbeing team provides a range of support on areas including mental health and wellbeing, sexual health, diet and exercise, and drugs and alcohol. For more information please look at this link provided by Edge Hill to the available health services on campus. Also via the link you can look at the nearby GP/dentist services in the local area.

Best of luck, take care of yourself!

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