What is your aspiration in life?

Now those of you who like BeyoncĂ© will know that her aspiration is to be happy! Now the queen has a point but something I have realised in life is that happiness isn’t measured by how much money you make or how many people invite you on a night out. Happiness is something that you achieve yourself.

Take the typical student for example they are known for being poor. But are they unhappy? No. Or someone who is unemployed, can you say that they are unhappy?

Everyone has aspirations and it is important that regardless of what happens in your life, you always need to make sure you fulfil them. It is hard when you embark on something new especially university. Everyone at university has a reason for being here whether it is because they want a particular job or whether they were advised it was for the best. Regardless of why you start university make sure that you keep your aspirations in mind all the time and don’t let yourself get carried away and forget what is really important.

You have a goal in life and despite how hard it might be to achieve it will always be worth it in the end.

Make the most of everything and appreciate what you have because it is too easy to get caught up in things that aren’t as important. Follow your dreams and listen to Queen B, make sure you are always happy!

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