It’s Interview Time!

So you might be asked to come to Edge Hill for an interview before you’re given an offer for your course.
If this is the case, don’t be nervous it’s your chance to show off your enthusiasm and passion! It’s also a good opportunity for you to see the University during the week, especially The Hub as there’s always something going on!
So for your interview you will be given some guidance as to what you will be doing and what to expect (as well as the obvious… the date, time!).

For my interview I had to prepare a lesson that I would teach on expanding brackets, I had to present to the module leader and a teacher from a local school. My friends who are on the Primary Education course, had to choose a book that they would read to the children and explain how they’d use it in the classroom. You also have to answer questions such as why you think you’d enjoy the course and what makes you a suitable candidate! They’re all straightforward and easy to answer questions, just remember the person who is interviewing you wants you to be successful- just as you do! So keep calm and take some deep breaths!

You don’t get to find out if you’ve been successful until it comes through on UCAS- though you don’t need to worry about it!

When I had my interview I got to meet a group of people who also had an interview for my course. I enjoyed finding out why they’d chosen the course, where they had come from and what they had planned for their interview. I found this really helpful and reassuring as they were all in the same boat as me and I recognised some familiar faces when I started in September!

Oh and don’t forget, this is a perfect opportunity for you to ask some questions yourself about the course! Don’t be shy!

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