Hello February!

So goodbye January, hello February!

Thank God January is gone. Goodbye to starting and failing diets, gloomy depressive Christmas blues and that ‘omg I’ve got to go back to work/uni/college/school’ feeling. It’s weird how starting a new month feels like a fresh start. It gives you that kick start feeling again and the motivation you lost halfway through the previous month. So, what does February hold?

Well, let’s take a look at a few of my facts this month.

Did you know, February is the home of LGBT history month, Black history month and American heart month? Or maybe that between the 1st-7th is Doppelganger week (keep your eyes peeled)? What about Shrove Tuesday on the 9th, c’mon you gotta know that… PANCAKE DAY! Which is immediately followed by Ash Wednesday and of course that means the beginning of lent (zero clue what I’m giving up, but I’ll keep you posted). I’m guessing you know it’s valentines day the 14th, shout out to all the lonely hearts out there, we have chocolate so let’s not worry… unless you gave that up for lent then worry.

What about around the world?

Well on the 2nd in the USA and Canada it’s ground hog day. TELL ME YOU’VE SEEN THE FILM?! It’s a must if you haven’t. Then on the 4th you’ve got Rosa Parks’ day as well as World Cancer day. The 7th brings the American super bowl and the 20th is World social justice day. My favourite is International Polar Bear day on the 27th, aww how cute. The 28th is dedicated to national science day. And finally that leaves us the last day of the month which is of course a leap day which only happens every four years with some exceptions.

Obviously there is loads more going on, but I’d need more than 400 words to cover it all. But what’s my month going to consist of? Well ideally my dissertation will be well over half way done and looking good for my second draft. I’ll have completed both of my 500 word plans which are due in March. I will have looked to the future and tried to work out the next step after uni (this is probably the hardest one). I’ll have had another amazing month at uni and looking forward to March and my final months.

Hopefully your February is looking bright… and if not, don’t forget about the 27th ;).

Until next time…



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