You’re not alone; peer mentor scheme

I’m not sure about all the departments here at edge hill but I know that if you are involved with a performing arts subject, whether that be as a single honours student (where you focus on just a single subject) or as a joint student (where you focus on more that one), you will be allocated what we call a peer mentor. This is a student from either 2nd or 3rd year who will be available to you for the duration of your degree. You can ask them any questions and they will be happy to help with any problems you may have.

I am currently a peer mentor and I have been allocated 5 students as my mentees. I try to speak to them every couple of weeks and check if they are ok. We also have a Facebook group so that if they have any questions or worries thy can always contact me.

I think it is also important to meet up with my mentees once a month. I have given advice about things that I have found useful and the feedback they have given me has been positive.

The scheme is really good because it allows you to learn from other people’s experiences instead of having to go through it yourself. It is reassuring especially because starting uni is such a new thing. I found it hard when I first started as I also moved away from home so I was learning and getting used to so many new things.

It is great to be able to see your mentees round uni and have a chat about how they are getting on.

I do believe that if you chose a subject with a mentor scheme you should embrace it and make the most of having someone who has the experience.


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