January 2.0

January is a weird month for University Students, especially at Edge Hill, you don’t start lectures until a couple of weeks in because of the assessment period, and then before you know it the month is over. There isn’t a lot of time for resolutions or trying new things, it’s taken me until now to adjust to having a new timetable, and I still don’t fully know what times i’ll have to be in on most days.

That is why I am thinking of February as January 2.0, I am ready to make a start on 2016, because I have looked at all of my deadlines and realize that my second year is going to be over very soon so I don’t have long to make the most of things. That is the main goal at UNI, obviously getting your degree is up there but making the most of everything is the best you can do.

Whether it is academically, making sure you are at all of your lectures, getting good notes and reading around the subject across the year not just the week of your assignment. Or even more social things, Edge Hill always has something going on in the HUB or events planned through the year. Nobody is telling you to do everything, and some people aren’t inherently social but make the most of your surroundings, go and explore Ormskirk.

Refreshers Fair was a chance for first years to do that this year, if you don’t want to sign up to any societies straight away, there is always the opportunity to do it later on, and even if you aren’t interested there is also free stuff and if all you get out of first year is a load of free pens, mugs and mouse mats then I think that is a job well done.

This weeks song is from Coldplay, and I like it mostly because it has Beyonce in the video, but it is also a pretty interesting song, it’s called “Hymn for the Weekend”.

Until Next Time 🙂

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