Different types of halls

So for a lot of you this may be the sort of time you are looking at the different choices of accommodation at University. For those of you living away this is one of the most important things. You need to make sure you are financially comfortable in the accommodation you choose and also happy that you will be able to live there for a year.
All of the halls are variable so you can’t always judge it based on what you see from a tour or from pictures. But here is a little insight into the different types Edge Hill provide.
Chancellors Court/Chancellors south: – these are really nice as they have large kitchen areas as they are self-catered which is useful if there are a lot of you in the flat at the same time. I had a lot of friends who lived here and if you can afford it, then they are lovely. However, they are quite far away from the main buildings and so often it is best to look at location too. For example, if you were doing a performing arts subject like me, The Arts Centre, where you spend a lot of your time, is over the other side of campus. However, if you are doing a sports related degree these halls are close to the gym.
PRICE: £115 per week

Palatine Court/Founders Court/Graduates Court:- these are similar to Chancellors Court but are closer to the main building and so the location may suit you better. I lived in Founders Court and despite the kitchen being a bit smaller, I loved it! Graduates Court is a little bit further out but is closer to the education buildings so if you are studying there these may be the ones for you!
PRICE: £115 per week


Back Halls:- these are the ones at the back of campus! Unlike the above accommodation these do not have en-suite bathrooms or a provided computer in your room. However, they do have a communal area with a TV provided. Also with this accommodation you have the option to either go catered to self-catered. (Catered is a system whereby you get a card which automatically loads a certain amount of money each week and you can use it in the dining room in the hub to provide your meals.
PRICE: £68 – £105 per week (depending on catering preference)

Forest Court:- these are located next to Palatine so they are close to the facilities. Similar to back halls they have a shared bathroom but some have an en-suite. These are all self-catered so if you wanted to ensure you had your meals cooked for you, this isn’t the one for you.
PRICE: £89 per week

Main Halls: – you couldn’t get closer to the facilities if you tried. Main halls are actually located above the main building. These are catered halls where you will have to walk downstairs to collect your meals on the card you have set up. These have a shared bathroom but as a result the bedrooms are considerably larger.
PRICE: £105 per week


One last thing I will say is that you may end up not getting what you want or there may be some restrictions on where you are living. For example, some of the flats have a non-drinking policy and some are all same sex. Don’t let this disappoint you too much! You will still have such a good time and you can make your room really homely and nice regardless of where it is!

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  1. My son has been accepted at edge hill, though it’s an exciting time for him I have many questions regarding a fridge in his room to store his mountain of insulin and medication, will the uni provide this or is it down to him and rather him returning home to collect supplies from his gp can he register temporarily with a local gp, I can’t seem to find the answers anywhere so advice would be gratefully received

  2. I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to find out the information you wanted. There is a fridge provided in rooms for certain halls. These are: founders court, graduates court, chancellors, chancellors south and Pallentine court. These are the more expensive halls but I’m sure that you were to contact the accommodation team though the student information centre (01695 575171) then they can ensure this is provided for you son.
    Regarding your question about the GP situation it will possible for your son to register at the doctors locally here in Ormskirk so he will be able to get his prescriptions without travelling home. I hope this helps and don’t be afraid to ask any further questions.

    1. Thanks for your reply, I think it was graduates court we visited back in January but that was so long ago, I will be at the uni on Wednesday with my other son and may pop in to see someone, once again thanks

      1. My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and Studying at Edge Hill. She has a fridge in her room big enough for all her medication. The university is very accommodating and she’s fully immersed herself in to uni life. Being diabetic has never held her back.
        So glad she’s at Edgehill.

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