Make 2016 a Year You Want to Travel Back to! :D

So we’re in the second week of 2016 now and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Something which I find fascinating is how the world, in unison join together to set their year goals. This could be to lose weight, eat healthier or just try something new and out of the blue. It’s an interesting time of year for everyone around the world. What goals have you set?

With the theme of the new year I have decided to come up with some things that you could try this year to ensure you have the best year imaginable.

My first suggestion, being for those who want to reminisce the whole year once its finished. Why not use an old jar and every day, fill it with a memory. When December 31st comes back around you will be able to pick out old memories from the year.


If you’re too ahead of times and prefer your technology over good old-fashioned pen and paper you could always create a second snap chat account. Using your main account send snaps to your new one. At the end of the year you will have a years worth of stories to watch.

One day, maybe in our lifetimes, time travel might be  possible. Make 2016 a year you want to travel back to.

Something that I have always wanted to do is be a representative for Camp America. This is basically travelling to America for the summer and working with different people running activities with other ‘Camp Councillors’. This, following on from last weeks blog is a perfect way of making your CV stand out from the pile and better yet you’ll be making life long memories. Whether you’re a student studying at Edge Hill now or a potential student arriving in September this could be a perfect way to make that extra bit of money over the summer and have an amazing time do so.


So far this year I have finally seen the inside of a gym (it wasn’t as bad as I thought) and I guess now that I have started I am going to have to continue with it. The great thing about this university is the newly developed gym on campus, plenty of high-tech equipment and an excellent staff to help with any queries or questions. Whats stopping you from doing any of these things this year?

Why not try:

  • Writing a book
  • Joining a sports team
  • Sky diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Learning an instrument
  • Taking that 3 day holiday to Amsterdam?
  • Spending three days watching pretty little liars…

The possibilities are endless.

So this week we lost an icon that is David Bowie. His music has inspired generation after generation, his films are recognised throughout the industry. He’s an influence to a number of musicians today and probably for many years to come so I thought I would include my favourite song of his.

I hope you all have an amazing day.

J x

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