Earning while studying?

Time and time again at open days and applicant days, people ask me about whether it’s worth trying to get a job while your studying a degree full time, and I can 100% say yes!
I have had a job every year of my degree and it’s something which I feel has really helped me, and not just financially.¬†Yes the extra cash has been extremely handy while trying to buy food to live while also tackling a Topshop addiction since 09, but I also feel that having a part-time job has been beneficial in so many other ways. Currently, while studying I have 3 jobs, which does sound a little excessive but broken down they’re quite small.

Firstly, I work as a Design and Promotions Assistant for a local bar, this is just a few hours a week job handling the bars social media and designing any promotional posters. If you’re studying a creative or design course I would definitely recommend trying to get some work like this as it’s really helped me to understand working for a real client and to real deadlines.

Secondly I work as a Student Guide and Student Ambassador, this involves working at Open Days, UCAS fairs, running pre and post 16 higher education workshops and school visit days. I love this job working for the uni as it has really taken me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to grow in confidence. So much so that I can now give a presentation to a lecture theatre full of people! This kind of job is also brilliant because the hours are flexible and you only sign up to work as and when which works perfectly with my studies!

There are so many opportunities to work while studying even just on campus, for example: McColls shop, The Bar, The Quad, Student Guide, The Library. And then even more opportunities for shops, bars, pubs, restaurants in Ormskirk. Loads of places will be advertising in your first week of university at Freshers Fair, but if you want to get in early then keep posted on the Student Union Facebook page or Careers centre facebook page.

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