January Exams!!!!

Hey guys!! So it’s coming to that time of year again where we’ll all be going off over christmas to enjoy delicious food our family of friends. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and also the boxing day sales!! Never the less, something which will always creep around, for students especially would be Exams!

Some people enjoy exams and some people don’t, it’s as simple as that but something us students, whether that be college or UNI need to take into consideration would be how to power through exam nerves and be successful in doing so so here are my exam stress relief tips for you.

Suggestion Number 1!

We’ve all been there, we say we are going to go to sleep early and then four episodes of breaking bad later we feel the regret and shame of not going to bed at a reasonable time. It’s probably not best to have these Netflix epiphanies of watching a series in one night, the night before an exam. I’d suggest maybe going to sleep that extra bit early. Feel prepared for the success of the exam the next day and waking up feeling well rested and prepared for the day.

Suggestion Number 2!

Like all busy and remotely stressful days its always important to have that delicious breakfast to get you through the day! I’d say get up that little bit earlier, make a nice breakfast whether it be the standard bowl of cereal? A full english or if you’re feeling extra fancy, maybe one of those fruit dishes people are having. This will ensure that you’re not going into that cold exam hall in these frosty winter months on an empty stomach.

Suggestion Number 3!

Whether your exam is a math exam or whether it’s an english exam what I would suggest is to read the question. The number of times where, I myself, have sat down and began answering a question without fully understanding what it was asking me to do. Allow yourself time to understand the question and feel confident in what you’re writing.

Suggestion Number 4!

So if you have followed suggestions up to number 3, hopefully you’re feeling quite confident about the exams. These treacherous times will come to an end and with that in mind it is important you reward yourself because of it. Everyone is different but I personally think it is essential that you let your hair down and enjoy yourself for at least one night. Exams can be stressful but I’m pretty sure a weekend of stress free fun with your friends or family will cancel out the drama that is Exams!!!

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