QUICK update!


Hope you’re all well, just a quick one!

So what have I done this week. Assignments, assignments, assignments… and my dissertation of course. So the workload is heavy at the minute, but the more I get done now, the less I have to do later, right? Well positive thinking is the only thing keeping me going, so let’s keep it light and fluffy. So Christmas is right around the corner and then around that corner is probably exams, yes? Well here is what I’d do over the Christmas break… You need to be realistic. There is no point saying you’ll do work everyday when we all know that wont happen. You need time to relax, see your friends and family and actually enjoy Christmas. So make a timetable and stick to it. You don’t need to study solidly everyday 12 hours a day! It’s all about balance and when you can’t find motivation to carry on, remember why you’re doing it! Think of EHU and the course that you want! seriously, you need to think of your target and it’ll make you want to keep studying/revising/reading!

Anyway, what’s the best Christmas film? I mean I’ve tried working it out over and over again and I’ve come to a list with my friends:

It’s either:

A) Elf (nah)

B) Love Actually (100% YES)

C) The Grinch (possible but Love Actually is the one i think)

Anyway I’ll leave you with that debate and the thought of Christmas being right around the corner. Happy studying.

Until next time…

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