Finding A House

The majority of people will now be looking for accommodation for next year. For me, I’m trying to find a small flat where I can stay because the majority of my friends will be leaving while I stay to do my masters degree, but for some they will try to join together with a few friends or flatmates for a house.

If you’re looking for somewhere, try to consider a few things:

  • It’s important you know who you’re living with – don’t move in with people that you don’t want to! It might be difficult to say no to people at first, but they should understand. I moved in with some friends from first year into a house in second year, and there was a few arguments that I never even thought of when we were just friends!
  • Bills! If you can, try for all bills included – when a bill comes in and people don’t pay it can be incredibly stressful as you shouldn’t have to pay but the landlord can’t really do anything as bills aren’t their responsibility!
  • Rent: no matter where you go, rent will vary from cheaper to more expensive and it might seem that you’re getting a bad deal compared to friends – try to think of your own budget and not others; if you’re happy then that’s all that matters!

Good luck with house finding – it’s not super stressful if you’re on it but at times it can be difficult so don’t let others hold you back if you want to go for it!

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