Hello Ormskirk, how do you do?

Hey guys, so you wanna know about Ormskirk?

Well… the first word that comes to mind is without doubt CUTE. I mean anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying, sorry not sorry. The town itself is quite compact, with a range of local and national branded shops. Café, bars and pubs surround the area, along with local takeaways for when you don’t feel like cooking. Ormskirk has a library (but no doubt you’ll live in EHU ones, cause after all it is amazing) and it even has a hospital (but hopefully you’ll never have to use it).

Transport links? There are plenty! If you’re driving in the town is a spit away (ew how gross) from the motorway, so moving in and out won’t be a hassle for your parents. We have an amazing bus system, not only the EHU link bus, but the town’s local bus system linking us to Southport, Preston, Liverpool and surrounding towns. Trains? Chooo chooo… Our local train system is perfect for getting to experience city life. On one side you have easy transport to Preston and then on the other you have the best city of them all LIVERPOOL. So on weekends when you want to explore, you’re only 25/30 mins away from the city, on trains which come every 15 minutes (Sunday’s might be slightly longer, but still how quick is that?).

The University itself is a short walk (5 mins) away from the train station and town, so when you’re in a rush to get somewhere fear not, it’s literally down the road! So overall it’s a great little town. The people are extremely friendly and love how students are part of their community. I’m telling you, you’ll love it!

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