How have you been?


So I’m nearly half way through my final year and my dissertation has got me throwing tantrums every ten seconds (well, not really but you get what I mean). I’m sure you’re stressing over your A-levels, so I already feel we have stuff in common, right?

So, how’s things? Good? Good. What have I been up to? Well…

Dissertation- I can even go into this right now.

Social life- Where are you?! I’m kidding, it’s still here. Between living in the library and completing my course I still have managed to make time for my uni friends and chill time. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with work! DONT BURN OUT PLEASE.

Work- Retail this time of year is stressful but exciting cause what’s right around the corner? CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!

Uni in general- Great. The new gym facilities are fabulous and the staff are extremely helpful. I thought it’d be standstill for equipment, but there is always something free. I’m an early bird when it comes to the gym and I’m telling you, around 8am no one is there except the instructors ahaha. The library has been 24/7 recently which has been superrrrrr for my dissertation panic. My lectures and seminars have been interesting and engaging, along with my tutors supplying extra hours for tutorial times (thank you!).

So things seem bright and fluffy at the minute… ask me in a few weeks when assignments are due and that might not be the case ahaha.

Happy studying!

Until next time..

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