Where to go for a helping hand…Part 2

As previously promised, here is the second part in the ‘Where to go for a helping hand’ series! This will include the Heath and Wellbeing and Counselling section of the Student services team.
So let’s get straight into it, first things first is Health and Wellbeing, the Student Wellbeing team provides a range of support on areas including mental health and wellbeing, sexual health, diet and exercise, and drugs and alcohol. So if you have any worries while you’re at university in any of those areas then this team is on hand to help you out. The team of experts on-hand are there to help you and guide you in whatever way they can, and to help you feel happy and secure at university.
In a similar sense Counselling and Wellbeing are also a really lovely team at Edge Hill that are also there for the students and they offer help in finding solutions to problems, ways of coping, or just a safe place to talk. Whatever you’re feeling, no matter how big or small of an issue you think it is they are on call. Maybe for example you’re living with people you may not like, coping with feeling lonely or homesick, or maybe balancing the demands of your studies with family commitments or even if you need support working through those times when you feel stressed or anxious, focusing on the positives.
They also provide a range of other services, including:
Relaxation sessions – how to deal with stress, how to feel calmer and sleep better;
Workshops – covering topics such as confidence, assertiveness, stress management and procrastination;
Group work – sessions for particular groups of students, for example, overseas students or those with family responsibilities;
Support groups – particularly useful for if you’ve suffered a recent bereavement or loss;
Access to dedicated electronic resources where you can find information from different organisations on a range of issues and topics.

We are so lucky at Edge Hill to have such dedicated, warm and welcoming and lovely support team, and they really are there to help you and support you with whatever you may be going through. Being away from home for the first time can be very daunting and its great to know there is somewhere you can go for any of your worries.

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