So guys,

You’re probably settling into your new environment and making friends, with Freshers’ week drawing to a close. With seminars and lectures about to start, you may be wondering what a seminar actually consists of. Well, a seminar usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hours, in which a tutor leads a small discussion based upon elements from your lectures. Seminars are usually the hour before or after the lecture allowing you to interact with other students to hear their opinions and views. This is your area to ask the tutor any questions on area you either don’t understand or would like further guidance. Often they ask you to pre-read different texts or pieces of research, which they will then reference during the seminar.

WORD OF WARNING- Seminar tutors don’t take kindly to people who turn up unprepared and in extreme cases may ask you to leave. So always remember to take any texts that are needed and the notes you made from the previous lecture (But how did you expect to complete the seminar without your notes, eh? Ahaha).

Seminars are a great way to not only interact with your course, but your fellow students as often they’ll be the same group of people are every seminar. Happy seminaring!

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