Where to go for a helping hand

Going to university is all about gaining independence. Learning to cook, learning to manage your finances, learning to be self-motivated, learning to use a washing machine! But we can all do with a helping hand every now and again, and that’s where the Edge Hill Student Services Team comes in (sadly not to help with the washing or cooking mind you!)

The Student Services team (based in the Student Information Centre (SIC)) are on call to help you with the hard stuff, the team is made up of experts and specialists that can help you out with everything from career advice, CV writing, looking for work experience, finance and inclusion services!

Career Centre
The award-winning Careers Centre at Edge Hill University can offer you many opportunities for learning, developing your skills and gaining experience which will help towards your future career and job prospects. They have a huge list of places that can offer work experience and volunteering opportunities in a whole load of different areas! I’ve met with the team and they were so helpful, I cannot recommend them enough! They can also offer opportunities to start networking for your future career and give tips for your CV!
For more info check out: Career Centre

Accommodation and Finance
The Accommodation Team can offer advice and guidance for student both on and off-campus. They are so helpful if you are unhappy with your accommodation and who your living with, and also if you have any trouble with your landlord if you’re in private off-campus accommodation! The Finance Team are also absolute life savers, this team can help you in a number of ways including helping you create a stress free budgeting plan, helping you understand what finance is available to you, support and guidance for student finance, and if applicable can offer support with hardship funds.
Check the team out and see what they offer HERE.

Edge Hill offer amazing support services that are there to be utilised! If you have any questions when you get here there will always be someone that will know the answer.
Next week ill be covering a few more of the support services we offer so stay tuned!!


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