Welcome to Edge Hill

So, it’s officially Welcome Sunday, how has it come around so fast? I can’t believe it has been an entire year since I was travelling the 4 hours it would take for me to get there and move into Halls.

You have so much ahead of you, I am kind of jealous. But there are some things you have to do, you are going to be living here for the best part of a year, so you might want to get yourself acquainted with the area.

Spend this week checking out the campus and Ormskirk. The campus has a tonne to offer, go and have a look around the library, go check out the newly opened sports building. Freshers Fair on Wednesday is a great chance to go and check out the Hub, go and get your first of many McColl’s meal deals. Just get your new flatmates together and explore, go and find where your classes will be if you have your timetable, saves you rushing around on your first Monday 9am lecture the morning after freshers ended.

You should also check out Ormskirk, you will need to get food if you are self catered so go to Morrisons or Aldi. Get every loyalty card you can from the places in Ormskirk, your wallet won’t close but you will get some decent deals. If you are moving a bit further and have never been to Liverpool before go and spend a day shopping, Liverpool is a great city and everything you can’t do in Ormskirk you can do in Liverpool, I reccomend a Barburrito for lunch, it is basically subway but with burritos, it is the greatest place known to man.

Some of you might get homesick over freshers week, and almost all of you will at some point in your first term, so make sure you are busy, try and do new things and explore your new surroundings so you aren’t sat in your room wondering why you ever left the comfort of home.

The next year is going to be one of the biggest changes in your life, so make it a good one.

This weeks song is “Wild” By Troye Sivan, it is a very good song from the guys début album, and the music video is pretty killer too.

Until Next Time 🙂

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