Feeling at home in halls


IMG_2041IMG_2043Moving into a new flat far away from home, with a load of people you’ve never met is so exciting but can also be so daunting! For me, when I moved in I was a big ball of mixed emotions from being totally excited to get involved to being really homesick! One thing I did find real comfort in was bringing things to make my room feel like my own. Although I did spend the majority of my time in halls in the kitchen, one thing I really liked was that my room ended up being the one everyone came to to chill out and watch movies and I think it’s all down to the fact it felt very homely (although extremely pink and girly!) I would definitely recommend going out and picking up a few bits to make your room feel more like your own and bringing lots of things from home with you as I believe it can really make a huge difference in making you feel more settled in. There’s nothing worse than staying in a room that feels like a hotel and thats not really yours!!
A few things I would definitely recommend getting/bringing include: A blanket – not because its cold or anything you can control the temp of the radiators! But just because it’s really nice to wrap yourself up when watching films or just really hungover! A mirror – because I’m a short ass the bathroom mirror just isn’t the one for me and it gets misted up when you take a shower in the morning – not ideal! Your favourite photos, just so they can make you smile if you’re having a bad day! Bath mat – it’s a wet room so when you have a shower the floor gets very wet – pretty self explanatory. Nice smelling defusers, yes very girly but I just really love them! Your favourite pampering bits, (sorry guys again a very girly one) but me and my best friend had a pampering session sunday ritual and it always made me feel super relaxed and at home! Pretty bed sheets – I think this was my favourite bit about uni shopping, very sad I know but it just helps to make your room feel like your own! A door stop! – This may sound like a really silly one but it’s great for propping your door open! My best friend had a really cute owl one and I had to made do with a make shift carrier bag one because I didn’t bring one!

I hope this gives some ideas about things I bought with me to feel more at home!

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