It’s nearly time to return, eeeek!

So, it’s exactly 16 days until I move into my new house, eeek! To be honest I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand I’m super excited to see everyone again and start my new exciting modules. However, on the other hand it’s the beginning of the end *cry* and before I know it, my university experience will be over. THAT MEANS GROWING UP, NOOOOOOOOO!

These past two years have been the quickest of my life, and although I’m very┬áintrigued for the next chapter, I’m not sure I’m ready for this one to end. I mean, come on, are you ready to pay bills and take on new┬áresponsibilities? ‘Cause I sure am not!

I want this year to be amazing. So I’m going to say YES a hell of a lot more! Different societies and meeting new people is going to be at the top of my priority list, as well as adventuring to different events in the drama department. This year I want to invest a lot of my time in becoming part of the University experience.

So freshers, you want to know my advice? Do as much as possible. Seriously. These three years fly by. It only seems like yesterday that I was walking into EHU for my first day and here I am in my last year about to say goodbye. Indulge in every opportunity you get in uni and do things you would normally never do. So whether you go to the football society or the Harry Potter one, just make sure you don’t waste three years!

Until next time…:)



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