Moving in week?

So, what to expect when moving in…

Packing takes forever and unpacking is even more annoying, but once your room is set up you’ll be ready for freshers week. To be honest, you’ll probably forget more than one item but either your roommates will have it or you’ll be able to run the shop, so don’t worry. Truthfully, the biggest hassle will be getting your parents to leave and if they’re anything like my parents they’ll most likely cry.

Top tips:

  1. Take a door stop- This will help you socialise will the people around you easier and lead to more friends.
  2. Make a list- You can always check online for lists that have been premade, but it helps to do this a few days before packing so you can add anything that you remember over the days.
  3. If you have contact with your new roommates it may be helpful to decide who should bring certain items such as a toaster or kettle.
  4. Remember to bring your ID (passport/driving licence) for when enrolling, along with getting your student card.
  5. Familiarise yourself with your surroundings- whether this be your local town, city or the university itself, make sure you know where to go when you need something.

Apart from anything, moving in day can be stressful but it is also the start of your university experience so make sure you enjoy yourself! EHU is looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the next three years.

Until next time…:)

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