What not to do in first week

Don’t buy everything! It is common to want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need ready for Uni but hold back a bit, don’t go mad with buying new stuff as the chances are someone else will have it in your flat and lets be honest you don’t need 8 different wooden spoons!

Also try not to be tempted to buy everything new because things do get lost or broken and it’s only more annoying/upsetting if they are brand new! Believe me its very annoying getting through 13 teaspoons in one year!

Don’t let the place get messy. Try during the first few weeks to sort out a bit of a routine for cleaning and tidying. It will make your life a lot easier when you start to get a lot busier. I find that I am much more organised and prepared if everything is tidy!

Don’t give in to peer pressure. During first week it’s natural to want to impress but don’t let that change you! No one will think differently of you if you don’t want to do something. Everyone will be acting differently trying to impress but don’t be someone you’re not because you wont be able to keep that person up for three years!! Sooner or later the ‘real’ you will be discovered and if people aren’t used to that from the beginning it could result in you losing friends which of course you don’t want!

When you start Uni you will be recommended to buy certain texts and books regardless of what course you are on! I hate to break it to you but degrees require a lot of reading!! However, my advice is don’t buy all the books until you need them. Doing a joint degree meant that I was given all the reading lists for both courses. I ended up buying quite a few of the essential texts which I later found out I didn’t need. Luckily I found a new home for them with my friends who were doing single honour degrees! Also keep your eye out for people who are selling their books as they have probably got notes in them, which you may find useful!

Other than that enjoy preparing for this big challenge!

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