The Weight Has Been Lifted…

So you did it! Well I’m assuming if you are here reading this then you are officially coming to Edge Hill University in September- CONGRATULATIONS!!!
For me it wasn’t until results day rolled around that it all began to sink in that I was actually going to university! I thought I’d just add a little fun post today, I went around and asked a few friends and students what they wish they’d known before coming to uni and here’s what they said…
1.  ‘You can never have too much fancy dress, make a dressing up box in your flat it will come in very useful!’
2. ‘Making your lunch everyday will save you a fortune!’
3. ‘Purchase Berocca, Dioralyte and Lucozade in enormous quantities to get through hangovers’
4.’REFERENCE AS YOU GO!’ Don’t leave it till you’ve finished the essay!
5.’Learn to love coffee’
6.’If your clothes are creased use your straighteners to iron out the kinks!’
7.’Have plenty of face wipes – for taking off make-up, but mainly permanent marker.’
8.’Invest in dry shampoo or hats to hide unwashed messy hair for lectures’
9.’Earn extra cash and get a job at uni!’
10.”Keep a bottle opener in your room. They mysteriously disappear in a student kitchen, and not being able to get into your wine is a disaster!’
11.’Do as much work experience as you can get along side your degree!’
12.’Don’t buy every book on your reading list at the beginning of the term. You’ll soon get to realise the essential ones.’
13.’Get a clothes horse to hang your laundry on rather than draping it over every piece of furniture in your room.’
14. ‘Bring a deck of cards’
15.’Never go shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll spend a fortune!’
16. ‘Take your old school tie to uni. There’s always a school disco night.’

I hope you enjoyed this post, these are legit tips given to you by Edge Hill Students!!

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