New House, New Year!

As of today, I moved into my new house in Ormskirk and it’s really nice! We still need to make the house a bit more of a ‘home’, however it is much nicer to be in an actual house than a flat because it feels nicer with friends than being alone in a flat that just shares communal areas.

I hope everyone got what they wanted/needed for A-Level results – however if you didn’t then don’t panic and think the world has ended! When I got my A Level results I didn’t believe I was going to be accepted into university, but I managed to get here and since then I have been excelling in my subjects with getting marks often 70% and above! If you have picked a subject that you are passionate about and it shows, the university will often see that and you’ll have alternative options rather than to start over.

However for those of you who didn’t get grades and haven’t been offered a place – there’s nothing stopping you from trying again next year or maybe later on in the future! I know many of my friends from sixth form who have taken gap years since they didn’t get the results, and in that time have worked in industries or placements to gain loads of experience whilst re-taking some of their exams. This shows universities that you are really keen and motivated, so want to come and study!

If you did get the results, congratulations and see you in September! I’m going to be helping out on Welcome Sunday (20th September) so look out for me and come and say hello, and if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

If you have any questions, whether they are simple questions about starting in accommodation or maybe going through clearing, or even what to do if you didn’t get the results and want to apply next year, then call the university and someone will give you advice. Best of luck, whatever your decisions from now and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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