So the time has finally come that you will receive your A-level results (Thursday)!

As much as you might have wanted summer to drag out, it’s time to face the music and your fate (slightly dramatic? I think so). But listen… obviously you want amazing grades, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get them. EHU ha a range of amazing students with all different grades. A piece of paper does not determine who you are and luckily or for you EHU is willing to try and help any student who wants a place.

CLEARING: Clearing lines will be open and can be accessed through the EHU website, so don’t fear the worst if it all doesn’t go to plan on the day.

For anyone coming in September- you’ve made the right decision. Hopefully summer speeds up even more and we can all be united in Ormskirk very soon! GOOD LUCK ON RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…:)