So first week can be quite manic with lots going on. However, there are few things that I recommend you do to set you up for the rest of first year!

First I set up my computer in my room and made sure that my login worked on all my devices. In this day and age who can cope more than a few hours without wifi?! This included my laptop and phone. This is handy to do because if there is a problem you can get it sorted before the real work starts.

Also I felt that reading the handbooks you will be given from your course is useful. It’s hard to believe but the information in there is actually useful and helps you to prepare for the year. If you read this during first week you are ready for when your assignments are actually set because all the dates you need are in there to help you prepare!

Be organised. Start as you mean to go on. I like everything to be organised anyway but I feel that if you start off with your folders and notebooks set out in the way you can use them effectively it helps for the rest of the year because you know where everything is.

Getting used to living in halls will be fun but also hard at times it’s important that during first week you eat well because you will need the energy! Start cooking and getting to know what you can do. It was great for me as my flat all ate together during first week so everyone mucked in and helped out. This may or may not last but it was great for first week when everyone is getting used to each other and getting to know what they can and can’t do!

Also I recommend you get a few friends together whether they be from your flat or your course and go and check out everything on campus and in Ormskirk so that you know where to go! Not only does this make sure you’re not going to look like a lost sheep walking around but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know the people you are living with or are on your course, which is always a great idea during first week!

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