Graduation Day.

On Wednesday 22nd July, I officially became an Edge Hill Graduate, and I couldn’t be happier! šŸ™‚

Jessica Katie Wood LLB.
Jessica Katie Wood LLB.

My ceremony was at 10.30am, before hand you get an information pack through the post on what time to arrive. My graduation took place in the Health building in a large lecture theatre. All theĀ graduandsĀ sat on one side, and parents on the other, with a large long red carpet in the middle where we walked on, to meetĀ and shake the Chancellors hand to recognise ourĀ degree.

I don’t remember much of the walking on the red carpet apart from the Chancellor,Ā Tanya Byron, shook my hand and asked if I had family, I looked up pointed at them and she said, “that’s lovely, well done sweetie.” She is such a lovely lady!

red carpet walk to shake hands!
red carpet walk to shake hands!

It was really nice to see all my lecturers too! They all had their robes on, and were all so lovely and supportive.Ā The ceremony consisted of a few speeches and ended with a lovely lady who sang “Songbird”, by Eva Cassidy. It was truly beautiful.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself. My family have been so supportive and have been there for me throughout all the good and bad times and I am so thankful. I did this degree not just for my future, but for my family, to make them proud, and knowing I’ve achieved both is very fulfilling.

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For those of you who choose Edge Hill to complete your degree, I promise you now, you will not be disappointed. My 3 years here have been the best 3 years, and my graduation ceremony was the most unique unforgettable experience ever, and it has made the whole 3 years completely worth it!

Thank you Edge Hill. šŸ™‚

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