The next most exciting thing to look forward to is Freshers’ Week! I remember seeing a list of all the events that were taking place on the SU website before I started. It ranged from silent disco, to special guest DJ’s to UV paint parties! I was so excited, it’s like nothing you will ever experience in your life, but I had two main concerns:

1. Do you go out as a house/flat? Will it not be awkward going out with people you don’t know!?

2. What do you wear for the events?!

I lived in halls for my first year, and as we were moving into our rooms we all got chatting helping each other make the beds! We were all so excited that it felt like we had known each other for years, so going out wasn’t a problem!

Outfits… I really wouldn’t worry about this. Freshers’ Week is not about wearing the best dresses or the best shoes, because they won’t stay in the condition you bought them in… not at freshers anyway! So don’t over-think your outfit. In the end, me and the girls ended up borrowing each others clothes anyway.

Freshers’ Week is the time where you make memories straight away with the people you live with. During the day there’s the Freshers’ Fair where you can sign up to societies. They have everything from dance societies, football societies, Christian societies right through to Harry Potter societies, so there really is something for everybody!

If I could give you one piece of advice… do everything you possibly can, because 3 years will go by so so so very quickly. 🙂

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