what to bring to halls?

One of the biggest stresses for me moving into halls, was wondering what to bring. Regardless of what accommodation you’re in, you still want to make it feel like home! I lived in Forest Court in Maple, where I shared a bathroom and kitchen with 4 other people. But your room was still your room, so make that as homely as you need it to be! I took so many teddies with me, they were literally all over the place, haha!

Another tip I would 100% recommend to just put that homely touch, is plenty of pictures from home. Then each semester print the ones off from uni and put them up too!

Apart from buying the kitchen essentials like plates and knives and folks, don’t bother buying a toaster/ kettle/ smoothie maker! As a group you will probably all pitch in together to buy one for you to all share…so much cheaper…and less to worry about to buy.

Bathroom stuff however, I would say depends on if you have an en-suite or not, in case you want to buy a bath mat and holders to hang your bathroom things in. But myself and my flatmates just put all our shampoos and wash stuff in the bathroom together.

I lived in halls for the first year and a house for second year and third year, and I can tell you now, I loved halls. It was so much fun moving in with new people, learning to share and of course helping each other out. I can assure you that most of you will end up moving in with them for second and third year… and therefore the kettle just keeps moving on with you all! Perfect!

Good luck guys and shop well! 🙂

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