Homesickness and wanting to come home!

So leaving home for the first time can be quite daunting. It was something I was particularly worried about. I thought I would be so homesick and want to leave after just a few days. However, I am yet to feel homesick since I started Uni but that doesn’t mean that people don’t. I know a few of my friends who have missed home but usually surrounding yourselves with friends and keeping yourself busy helps. Don’t get me wrong there have been moments when I’ve been ready to throw in the towel and give it up as a bad job but thanks to my supportive friends they have made me see that I was being irrational and helped me stick it out.

I have spoken before about societies being good for making friends and meeting different people but they also act as a good distraction and definitely keep you busy! You get caught up with practises or rehearsals and meeting up with the group that you soon forget about home and realise that you don’t actually miss it! Also don’t forget the people running it are going to be at least the year above. The third years who ran Encore for us this year were so good to us all when we were stressed and helped us to realise that it isn’t the end of the world and reassure us that they have all been there before.

It’s hard when you feel homesick to be yourself and get involved but I can assure you that it is the best thing you can do. From someone who until the age of about 12 couldn’t stay away from home for even a night believe me when I say, distracting yourself and throwing yourself into what is offered, is the best thing you can do! If someone invites you out for a drink or a night out, say yes! The worst that can happen is that you have an awful time, which you would have had anyway sat in your room on your own and probably making yourself feel worse.

It is easy at Uni to isolate yourself without realising it. Start off socialising and doing things together in your flat. Invite people into your room and make sure they know they are welcome to talk to you. My room is literally like a bus stop with the amount of people coming in and out but it means that I’m never lonely and therefore don’t have time to overthink everything.

What I’m saying is don’t give up or not go to Uni because of fears and worries. Like my dad always says to me: ‘Chin up, it might never happen.’ There are hundreds of people in the same boat as you and probably feeling the same way! You never have to be on your own at Uni, surround yourselves with the right people and you will be fine!

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