Getting a job whilst at university

In a previous blog (here) I discussed how getting a job is one way to earn money whilst at university. With the cost of going to university being quite expensive (especially if you want to go to university down south) many students these days find themselves having to get a job. Jobs for students tend generally to come in two forms – paid and voluntary.

Paid vs Voluntary 

Paid work is good because as it suggests you are financially rewarded for the work you do, and students like this because it helps to pay for things like course materials, food, rent, nights out and other common student expenditures. It also looks good on your CV when it comes to getting a different job (possibly with more hours) after university, for those who don’t want to go onto to do a post-graduate degree straight away (the route I’ve opted to go down).

However, paid work isn’t the only option for students when it comes to getting a job, and indeed experience. Other students find themselves volunteering and whilst this doesn’t offer financial rewards, it can lead onto paid work later on in some instances and employers like it because it shows you’re willing to put yourself out there and help out a particular cause (most voluntary work tends to be for charities and other not for profit organisations).

Looking for work 

As I know all too well there are lots of ways to look for work, for instance lots of vacancies are advertised online, there’s vacancies advertised in shop/business windows and someone may even tell you about a role they’ve seen advertised or know about. One of the best ways to look for job whilst at university though is the careers service, who will help you look for work (voluntary or paid, depending on which you feel you can fit best around your studies), check your CV (so employers don’t just throw it in the ‘no’ pile) and assist with filling in applications.

For those of you wanting to make use of the edge hill careers service whilst at Edge Hill, and want to learn more about them, you can do so by clicking on the hyperlink above 🙂

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